Raw and real, sharp and ferocious like a touchdown pass launched into the talons of a ferruginous hawk, Zam Woodbury is the new project of LA-based guitarist and songwriter Sam Woodbury.  Blending the hard edged guitar rock of AC/DC with the songwriting tact of Paul Simon and the soulful groove of Otis Redding, Zam brings a singular voice that scratches an itch you didn’t know you had back there.  

Zam Woodbury recently released a two-song single called “Low,” the title track of which is a guitar-driven sonic pummeling set to catchy hooks and a driving groove.  The other song “I’ll Never” is a melodic and thunderous drum-heavy shouter with a roaring two-for-the-price-of-one guitar solo. 

Before Sam started Zam Woodbury, he lived in New Orleans for three years working as a session guitarist playing sweaty funk in the clubs and triumphant gospel in church, where bringing high energy and excitement to the audience was do or die.  New to LA, Sam is bringing his raucous spirit to his new project Zam Woodbury.